Foot Rest for Under Desk /Ergonomic High-Ranking Memory Foam Under Desk Adjustable Height Footrest Rocker / Massage Textured Office Desk Foot Pillow Pad /Relieve Back and Foot Soreness

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  • size in: 46*23cm
  • net weight: 120g
  • package: each into oppbag sealed
  • color options: black,beige
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    ·Function: The desk footstool can provide bending support for the legs and reduce the pressure on the legs under the feet. The soft suede massage texture cover of the foot pad has a delicate massage bead texture, which can promote blood circulation, reduce knee pressure and body fatigue, and relieve foot and leg soreness. You can put the footrest under the desk to work.
    ·Adjustable Design: The size of the footrest is 17 * 11 * 6 inches (about 43.2 * 27.9 * 15.2 cm), and its height can be adjusted according to your comfort. Our office footstools are made of high-quality memory foam. The ergonomic footrest is designed with pressure foam to provide firm support for your legs and feet.
    ·Non Slip: There is non-slip silicone at the bottom of the foot pad, and the foot rest under desk will not move.To wake up your legs, you only need to flip the footrest to make your legs awake. The adjustable footrest would be an ideal accessory for gaming chairs, sofas, recliners, and work chairs. The footrest is soft and easy to carry, helping you to get better results during long-distance travel.
    ·The orthopedic doctor’s advice: Conforming to the ergonomic footrest under desk can help you correct your sitting posture. Use under desk footrest to reduce the pressure on the back and shoulders. desk foot stool will have a positive effect on your health.
    ·100% Satisfaction: The 2021 upgraded footrest is the best partner for couples who often work. You will keep your spine perfectly aligned, reduce pressure on your waist and shoulders, and have a positive impact on your health and work efficiency. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the quality of the footrest, and we promise to provide you with a quick response and perfect solution.

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