Firm Tush Brazilian BBL Butt Lift Recovery Pillow, Post Surgery Cushion, Booty Pillow + Carrying Bag, Double Layer Maximizes Comfort and Results, Black

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  • Bbl Post Surgery Pillow: You Deserve a painless and fast recovery. Firm Tush provides the perfect post surgery recovery pillow. Our Two premium layer support distributes your weight evenly providing your blood circulation of your butt to flow without added pressure. Making you feel comfortable and secure. Providing you with the best post surgery look is our mission.
  • Premium Support: We know the importance of your amazing new look. Firm Tush provides two layer of support. First layer is made of high density foam allows us to support up to 220 pounds (99 KG). Because of our high quality materials utilized you will not have to worry about the cushion deforming. Second layer is made from gel memory foam this contours to your unique body style supporting your thighs letting your butt free up from pressure.
  • Firm Tush On The Go: For your convenience Firm Tush has included our carrying for FREE. Our drawstring carrying bag is perfect for your every day lifestyle. Take Firm Tush in the Car, Public Transportation, Air Plane etc. Fits majority of seat sizes. In addition our non slip technology located at the base of our pillow will help your pillow stay in place preventing it from sliding.
  • Cleaning Method: Firm Tush comes with a removable neoprene cover simply remove the zipper located beside your pillow. This cover is machine washable and hand washable.
  • Customer Experience: It is our commitment to provide you a memorable experience which is why we are confident you will love our bbl pillow. If not will provide you with our hassle free money back guarantee.


Post time: Mar-11-2022