Sweat Shaper Women’s Premium Workout Compression Athletic Zip Tank, Slimming Zip Vest

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  • 92% polyester 8% spandex / Inner: 100% polyurethane
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine Wash
  • INNOVATIVE COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY: Only Sweat Shaper uses a heat-trapping polymer fabric to boost your natural body heat and stimulate sweating with any type of physical activity. Wearing the Sweat Shaper Athletic Zip Tank while working out or while performing daily activities, or even at work, creates a hot sauna-like experience. Your body temperature will rise, so you sweat more.
  • ZIPPER DESIGN: our new design features a full frontal zipper for unmatched convenience and ease of use. Put it on and take it off in a matter of seconds. The zipper is made from premium quality materials. It has been tested to withstand thousands of hours of intense movement and stretching, so you can rest assured that the zipper will stay securely in place while exercising. The zipper is also sweat/water resistant to add to its durability and strength.
  • PERFECT FIT: The women's heat-trapping Athletic Zip Tank is your ultimate fitness partner. Our top is true to size and offers a tight and snug fit, improving your core and waist stability as it engages your upper body muscles. The chest is free and unconstricted, with a low-cut bust to avoid excess sweating in that area while allowing you to wear your favorite sports bra underneath. The body shaping design with bottom support also makes your chest look firmer and accentuates your natural curves.
  • COMFORT & VERSATILITY: The Athletic Zip Tank has been engineered to be extremely light and comfortable to wear even for longer periods. It molds and moves with your body during workouts at the gym, yoga, cardio, cycling, or simply running errands. Sweat Shaper is extremely flexible, featuring a traditional tank top style backing and low-cut bust support at the front — you can easily wear a bra underneath, and it remains completely invisible.
  • ULTRA-PREMIUM FABRICATION: Sweat Shaper's special blend of fabrics have been carefully selected to create the ultimate women's zip training vest. The fabric blend consists of two layers: the inner thermogenic polymer fabric increases your core temperature to promote sweating. The outer performance compression fabric instantly slims and shapes your figure. Finished with an anti-slip waistband to ensure the Zip Tank stays in place and doesn't shift on your body even during intense workouts.

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Women's Sweat Enhancing Athletic Zip Tank

Improved Design

Our Sweat Shaper Athletic Zip Tank offers the same compression and sweat-maximizing qualities as our tanks, but with the added convenience of a water-resistant zipper for easy on & off. Sweat Shaper combines an exclusive blend of performance compression and polymer fabrics that work together to accelerate your natural body heat and create an intense sauna-like experience. Built to improve recovery and prevent muscle strain, our tank hugs every inch of your torso for 360 degrees of compression, support, and sweat induction, so you get the most out of every workout.

Key Features & Benefits

  • INSTANTLY SHAPES for a toned silhouette
  • COMPRESSION support for active workouts & daily wear
  • SAUNA-LIKE experience turns up the heat on every workout
  • ACCELERATES natural body heat to promote sweat
  • LIGHTWEIGHT material is flexible and comfortable


Achieve the Perfect Silhouette

Beyond just sweat, we realized that confidence and getting in shape go hand in hand. Have you ever felt self-conscious about working out in front of others? We did, and that's where Sweat Shaper's performance compression fabric comes in. Put the Athletic Zip Tank on, and it will instantly slim you down. The Sweat Shaper Athletic Zip Tank enhances the natural curves of your body and compresses flabby and problematic areas for a smooth and flat look that ordinary t-shirts or workout tops simply cannot provide.

Zipper Design

The best compression workout top now comes with a full-frontal zipper design for unmatched convenience. Now it's easier and faster than ever to put it on or take it off after your workout. Traditional compression training tops without a zipper make it hard to take them off, especially when you're sweating excessively. The zipper design also allows the Sweat Shaper Zip Tank to be more lightweight than ever.

Sweat More & Get Results

Sweat will literally be falling off your stomach, waist, thighs, and love handles - all of which are areas that can be quite challenging to target. As long as you're sweating, the Sweat Shaper Athletic Zip Tank is working. Whether you're exercising, running, or anything in between, you can burn more without any extra effort. Let Sweat Shaper do the work for you and watch as you sweat more.


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