YBY-020A Khaki inflatbale sofa-Inflatable Sofa Inflatable Chair with Inflatable Foot Cushion

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  • Re: Inflatable sofa
  • Color: Khaki
  • Size: 116*98*83cm
  • Material: High Quality Flock on the top surface and thick PVC Material on the bottom, 100% safe and eco-friendly
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    About This Item

    ● Advantage 1: it is easier to store. The folded sofa is only the size of a clothes box. When it is not in use, it can be folded up and put into the storage box, which is convenient for storage and does not occupy land.
    ● Advantage 2: it's easy to carry. Is it troublesome to bring sofa when moving? No seats for outdoor outings? Portable sofa, take a few minutes to inflate, outdoor also can enjoy comfortable reclining chair!
    ● Advantage 3: easy to clean, flocking surface with wear-resistant PVC bottom, with a semi dry rag, along a direction gently wipe, you can clean.
    ● Advantage 4: comfortable flocking, flocked base and armrest edge, bring you soft and comfortable experience, black with color dot decoration, let people warm feeling.
    ● Advantage 5: ergonomic design, arc density suture design, can be a good fixed air, product stability and durability is better, in line with the human body lying position design, let your whole body more relaxed.

    What's inside?

    1x Inflatable Sofa, 1x Footstool, 1x Air Pump

    Product description

    ● Have you ever wondered if you can bring your home sofa to the outdoors or on your trips? Now you can pack your sofa into your backpack whenever with our ever soft and comfortable inflatable sofa!
    Made out of environmentally friendly PVC and flocking materials, our inflatable sofa is durable with a maximum capacity of 150kg (330 lbs), is reusable and leakproof.
    ● Beautifully and Innovatively Designed
    Seamed neatly along the edges that is light, thin and smooth, gives our inflatable sofa an elegant and premium look and feel to it. The high quality fabric is soft and comfortable to the skin, is resistant to dirt, easy to clean and breathable - you can cosy up into the sofa for a relaxing day anytime!
    Featuring classic drawstring design with internal pull strap, it gives your back better support. In addition, the high back rest helps you to rest your head and shoulders naturally. At the bottom, it features twirly design keeps the sofa from moving around and greater stability as there's good suction to the ground.

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