YBY-023 The Original Brazilian Butt Lift Bed with Hole, Inflatable BBL Mattress – Dr. Approved for Post Surgery Recovery, Waterproof Flocked Top Comfortable & Supportive + Carrying Bag and Air Pump

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● You can sleep peacefully after your BBL surgery - The package includes an air pump for quick and convenient air filling.
● RECOVER COMFORTABLY – Your BBL recovery Mattress has a hole in just the right place so the painful area stays in the air and you can lie down!
● It's easy and simple -Fill the mattress with air and say good night, It can be easily cleaned, stored, and many other uses like a sleeping mattress or an inflatable mattress for the pool.
● BONUS BAG – Don’t let surgery slow you down. On the go, store your Mattressin a FREE PE bag!
● LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Put your energy into feeling better with your risk-free post-op Mattress!

To The Brazilian Butt Lift Bed
This mattress is a patent-pending
Formed specifically for women after a surgical procedure of Brazilian Butt Lift
This is the only and original product in sizes that are exactly tailored for women after BBL
Covered entirely with high-quality velvet fabric
Comfortable for a good sleep
Holds and maintains its quality for many years
Easy and convenient to fold
And comes with a convenient carrying case
All you have to do is inflate the mattress, give your partner a kiss, and have sweet dreams.


How To Feel Most Comfortable:
● Use pillows to create a perfect fit for your body
● If you are still uncomfortable, you can take out some air to achieve a higher softness
● Avoid contact with sharp objects
● 20%-30% air loss within 4-6 hours is normal - Re-inflate before bed

Relax & Recover
● We at YUBEIYE know very well what suffering you are going through on the way to the perfect feminine look.
● That is why we create excellent quality products that will make your life easier in the period after your surgery.
● Hundreds of thousands of women around the world testify that YESINDEED products help them get through the period with a better and easier experience.


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