Cimkiz Sauna Suit for Women Sweat Waist Trainer for Women Sweat Suits for Womens with Zipper

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  • HEALTHY WORKOUT: The sauna sweat suit for women can raise your body temperature in a short time, activate your sweat glands quickly, help you work out healthily, speed up the workout process and get sweat fast. You can move freely every day wearing this Women slimming sauna workout tank tops and the material of sweat vest for women is soft and thin, easy to carry.
  • Compression Support: The Sweat body shaper for women not only allows you to sweat during your workout, but also provides slight compression on your obese abdomen, and you can use it as a compression shirt underneath to provide back support and proper posture. If you are looking for an exercise undershirt and slimming shaper, this cimkiz sauna vest for women is the ideal workout gear for you.
  • NO ODOR, NO ALLERGIES: Compared to traditional neoprene sauna vest this upgraded version of sweat suits for womens ​is 1/2 the weight, very light, dries faster, machine washable, no special odor, and made of super light and soft material for comfortable all day wear. cimkiz women's sauna undershirt, start your journey to a healthy workout while accentuating your sexy body curves.
  • Easy to Put On and Take off with Zipper: The sauna sweat suit for women with zipper is easy to put on and take off, and the zipper has a protective back layer so you won't pinch yourself while exercising, making exercise more comfortable. This sweat waist trainer for women features a special front U-shaped brace design that makes you look sweet and sexy, allowing you to wear a sports bra underneath. Wear a Women slimming sauna workout tank tops at work to create a sauna-like warm-up experience.
  • Sweat Suits for Womens: A professional sauna suits allows you to work up a sweat during your workout. Women sauna vests are made up of two layers of material, inside and outside, 90% polyester and 10% spandex on the outside and 100% polyurethane on the inside. waist trainer vest for women are different from regular clothing sizes and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Refer to your actual waist size and our size chart to choose the right size for you.


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