Hoter Men Sauna-Sweat-Vest Slimming-Shapewear Comression-Fitness Body Shaper Workout Tank Top Polymer Trainer

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  • Powerful and shocking features】:This Men Sweat Vest Body Shaper combines an exclusive blend of performance compression and polymer fabrics to boost your natural body heat and stimulate sweating with any type of activity. Wearing this sauna vest while working out or while performing daily activities, creates a hot sauna-like experience. The polymer material repels moisture to quickly dry and stay fresh so that you won't feel wet from the excess sweating.
  • Exquisite production technology】:Compared with other inexpensive materials, our inner coating does not crack easily, after our technology team test it hundreds and thounds times. If you don't want to get just one-off Sweat Shaper, why not try our Slim Sweat Vest? It is the best choice you want. Because of the hidden anti-slip silicone, The Corset Trainer Body Top won't roll up during intense workouts.
  • Not Smells】:Still in the embarrassment when you are on the poor smell neoprene vest? Why not try our Sauna Sweat T-Shirt? In order to solve the bad smell, our team try again and again in several yeas. Finally, we found and upgraded the materail outer and the coating inner. Compared to other poor quality neoprene products, this sweat shirt doesn't have bad smell, More use times, no deformation after cleaning,it's lighter and dries more quickly.
  • Perfect Fitness & Daily Companion】:The slimming T-shirt provides perfect amount of compression for the covered area, helping to enhance your abdominal and pectoral muscles, making your waistline look slimmer and tight, flattening your chest and abdomen, also gives great support on your back, also correcting posture during daily activities. You could also put it on under sweater, T-shirt and formal dress shirt even in daily life.
  • Are you looking for a way to lose weight by burning extra calories in the body? It's time to put on HOTER Sauna Sweat Shaper Compression Top. It offers an easy way of losing out excess body weight and have an ideal slim physique. Unique fibers and material produce higher compression and increase the temperature inside the shirt, just wear it and your body will start sweating away extra fat from the body. Do it now and get your perfect body back!


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